Top Five Countries That Love to Gamble

Although the United States is well known as a gambling nation due to its cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, this country is not among the most prone to this risky entertainment. The list of states with the largest number of adults interested in gambling includes many amazing locations. So, in this article, we will tell you about the five countries that are sitting on top of this ranking.


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health reported that more than 40% of Finnish adults wager their money every week. Until 2011, the country allowed residents to gamble from the age of 15. But to reduce the number of underage gambling-addicted players, the Finnish government has raised the required age to 18. Since many Finns are victims of problem gambling, local companies allow them to participate in special refund programs.


Even though Singapore offered casino entertainment to its residents relatively recently, in 2010, the gambling industry quickly covered the country’s adult population. The government is taking action to discourage Singaporeans from playing. For example, to enter the casino, you will have to pay at least $81 here. And your relatives have the legal right to ban you from visiting gambling establishments. However, these types of restrictions do not stop people from wagering their money for fun.


According to numerous surveys, around 80% of Australian adults are involved in some form of regular gambling activity. In this country, gamblers prefer to bet on sports events, play slots, and poker machines. If you are visiting Australia and want to experience the casino atmosphere, look no further than Melbourne's Crown Casino. You will not find a bigger gambling venue in the Southern Hemisphere.


Three out of four adult Canadians spend money on gambling leisure. Saskatchewan residents are the most active in terms of such spending. Lottery draws and scratchcards dominate the Canadian gambling market. But of course, players can also enjoy sports and other types of betting, casino games, and online gambling.


Many experts call Ireland the Wild West of the global gambling market because this country has hardly regulated the industry until recently. Local authorities relied on the Gaming and Lottery Act, passed back in 1956, to supervise this business. However, this statutory provision took into account transactions with the Irish pound only. Since this currency became illegal in 1999, numerous Irish people began to explore the world of gambling adventures.

Nations That Adore Gambling the Most

Nations That Adore Gambling the Most

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