Top 6 Gambling Shows on TV

Playing games of chance is undoubtedly fun but it will always bear a risk to some extent. There is, however, a way to enjoy gambling from the safety of your own home and completely for free. If you do not want to actually gamble, you can watch a casino-themed TV Show. In this GBC Time article, you will find the top 6 gambling-themed shows to binge-watch tonight.

Smart Live Casino

This UK show aired back in 2007 and was an instant hit. The premise of the show is simple: it is a TV-based live casino, where real players took part in different games of chance. First, it was just a roulette but the show’s game roster expanded over the years. Way before online casinos became as popular as they are now, Smart Live Casino brought remote gambling experience to British players.

Poker after Dark

This is a perfect gambling TV show for avid poker fans. Poker After Dark is a reality TV show that revolves around one of the most popular card games of our time – No Limit Texas Hold’em. Each episode shows a real-life poker table, and blinds go up at $100-200. The stakes are pretty high (the main prize is $120k), so the game is very intense, which makes it even more engaging for the viewers. The smart commentaries from the host are also fun to hear.

In the seventh season, the TV show was canceled because one of its sponsors was involved in the Black Friday Case. Poker After Dark, however, eventually came back and can now be found online.

High Stakes Poker

Another reality TV masterpiece for poker enthusiasts, High Stakes Poker, rolled out in 2006. Shot in a real-life casino, the show features some of the biggest poker stars like Daniel Negreanu and Phill Hellmuth. As the name suggests, the stake in the game is insane and viewers can pick up on the habits and techniques used by the expert players.

Breaking Vegas

This TV show was created in the US back in 2004. The documentary-type show explores how people can cheat at the casinos of Las Vegas. In 14 episodes, Breaking Vegas covers some of the most notorious scams in casino history as well as shows legal gambling strategies that help you win more.

Liar Game

Probably, the most unusual show on our list, Liar Game is a Japanese TV series, adapted from a comic book. The show follows a hero that has to win the gamble, often engaging in criminal activities and betraying others.


This show focuses on one of the traditional forms of gambling – betting on horse racing. Luck first aired on TV in 2011 and showed everything about racetracks, betting, horse jockeys, and bookmakers.

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