Top 5 Monarchs Who Gambled

Gambling has always been a perfect way to spend time and entertain not just among regular people, but monarch personas as well. GBC Time has collected the most famous royal representatives in history, who played any form of gambling.

It is quite hard to imagine how Queen Elizabeth would play poker or slot games. However, global monarch history can tell us tons of stories about the monarchists of the past, who played gambling.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII is famous in monarch history as a hot-tempered royal representative. He had plenty of problems with the church, which is by the way an important part of any monarchy. He was also a terrible husband, who executed his wives. His background in gambling was also strange.

Henry VIII decided to ban gambling in England, but at the same time, he was a big fan of all forms of gambling, including cards, dice, and backgammon. He could also not control his feeling of excitement and once he staked St. Paul’s Cathedral bells and lost them at dice.

Charles II

Charles The Second was 15 when he had to run from England to France because of the English revolution. During his running away, he opened up gambling for himself, and since that time he had been playing constantly.

Eventually, after his return to the motherland, England had introduced to gambling thanks to Charles II.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was popular thanks to her status as the wife of Louis XVI and one of the most scandalous monarch persona. Because of the lack of friends, she turned her attention to gambling for entertainment.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt was not the king, but a huge politician in American history. Roosevelt was one of the biggest poker fans of his time. His official residence was a common place for poker playing with his friends.

Louis XIV

Louis XIV was a big fan of gambling, which made it a big hobby of his. In a matter of time, he brought this form of entertainment to the French aristocracy.

During his reign, gambling became the most popular way to spend time in the aristocratic environment.

Summing up

It seems like monarchs played a significant role in gambling implementation in different cultures and nations. Many of the royal personas introduced this form of entertainment to people and eventually, it spread to one of the most popular ways to have fun worldwide.

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