The World’s Coolest Casino Bars

Games of chance are incredibly entertaining and provide emotional leisure that players often combine with good old-fashioned parties. Many casino bars allow you to have a wonderful time not only at the gaming tables but also in the lounge areas. They offer visitors fantastic music, cocktails, and delicious food so that gamblers can relax in between their action-packed gaming sessions. In this review, we will tell you about those establishments that are the most beloved by gambling tourists around the globe.

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The Chandelier lounge in Las Vegas

At a first glance, this multi-story lounge environment may seem too sophisticated and pompous to you, but in reality, it does not even have any dress code. Its mesmerizing interior with luminous curtains will impress any visitor. And thanks to the signature drinks like the gin-based “We're All Mad Here” or “Whiskey Business”, you won't want to leave the Chandelier bar.

Heliot bar and lounge in London

If you have ever wondered what a traditional British gentlemen's club is, you should definitely stop by the Heliot bar. This establishment will allow you to celebrate your gambling victories with steak, affordable drinks, and a memorable atmosphere. Any player can relax here without any membership. Besides that, musical performances from world-class entertainers will definitely not let you get bored.

Place du Casino in Monaco

This recently redesigned gambling venue has become one of Monaco's new attractions. It pleases guests with beautiful architectural design, shopping in branded boutiques, unique cocktails, and delicious meals. Every gambler who wants to combine their gaming experience with high-quality entertainment will find such a mix at this Monaco gambling gem.

Peppermill restaurant & fireside lounge in Las Vegas

Would you like to feel like a character in the iconic gambling movie Casino? If yes, you should certainly visit Peppermill, which was featured in numerous scenes from this film. This establishment has become iconic in Vegas for its memorable atmosphere, varied menu, and time-proven service standards.

Genting casino in Sheffield

The UK can provide players with a first-class experience not only in the capital but also in Sheffield. In addition to excellent food and invigorating beverages, you will have access to a perfectly equipped sports bar. British gamblers return here regularly to play baccarat or roulette and discuss their latest wagering achievements in a comfortable environment.

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