The State of Mobile in 2023 | Webinar Overview

Mobile use has been constantly growing for the past few years, especially after the start of global pandemic. In 2023, however, the mobile activity level may reach another level up high. The platform researched the state of mobile in 2023 and shared its insights in the online webinar. GBC Time has highlighted some of the key insights below. dropped an online webinar to identify all the achievements and statistics in the mobile market during the past years. Lexi Sydow, Head of Insights, shared the main insights for 2022 and 2023 in the mobile industry worldwide. Thanks to this online event, it is now clear what tendencies in the market should be expected in 2023.

The State of Mobile

Before diving through the mobile activity prediction for 2023, it is important to understand how far this industry went in 2022. The shared the key insights into the mobile landscape:

  • 255 million new apps downloaded;
  • App Store spend $167 billion;
  • An average person spent 5 hours on their phone;
  • $336 billion spent on mobile ad;
  • 4.1 trillion hours spent in total.

Considering the most active geo markets in mobile use in 2022, the first top 3 were:

  1. China – over 110 billion downloads;
  2. India – over 25 billion downloads;
  3. The US – over 10 billion downloads.

Top 3 apps chosen by the different age groups

It also seems like 2022 was not so successful for Instagram, which was out of the top 10 apps to use. Instead of the photo platform, users worldwide chose Netflix, TikTok, PicsArt Photos, WhatsApp Messenger, and CapCut. We can now see that the current boom in content production for social media was obviously launched in 2022 when people got interested in editing apps.

Talking more specifically about the likelihood of the apps among the different age groups, here is statistical research provided by the speaker at the webinar.

The State of Mobile

Mobile ad spent

Marketers worldwide have witnessed significant growth in the advertisement market in the mobile market. The more users choose mobile gadgets, the more ads there will be on them. It also seems like in 2023, the mobile ads market will break another record in spending.

Just a previous year, the total ad spending on mobile gadgets was $336 billion per year. But the experts are sure that in 2023 the total ad expediture will reach $362 billion.

The State of Mobile

Looking at this data, it is now clear that the whole 5-year CAGR growth is calculated to be around 18.5%. This is quite an impressive statistic, which makes the mobile ads market one of the most promising these days.

Mobile gaming – up or down?

Nowadays, mobile gaming is not just about entertainment but also about spending. Consumers worldwide find it amusing to spend money on their favorite games, but still, in 2022 mobile gaming spending dropped by 5% from the previous year. According to the latest research, in 2022 the total spending of consumers was $110 billion.

While the spending is falling, the downloading has surged to nearly 90 billion.

The leading games by consumers’ spending

Mobile gamers worldwide mostly spend on such gaming genres as:

  • RPG;
  • Strategy;
  • Match;
  • Casino;
  • Simulation.

Considering the downloading activity, the consumers get the most games of the next genres:

  • Hypercasual;
  • Simulation;
  • Action;
  • Kids;
  • Puzzle.

Summing up

Since the whole world had to upside-down approach to living, the mobile gadget became an irreplaceable thing in a human’s hand. It is now all about business, finances, entertainment, and education. People spend time and money while using their smartphones, and it is now the best time to invest in the mobile form of your business as well. Make your website suitable for mobile gadgets or launch a special application, which is even better.

GBC Time will overview even more webinars and research to keep our readers updated.

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