Riot Games: What Has Helped the Company to Achieve Success? (Updated)

Riot Games is a well-known American company engaged in the development and publishment of video games, as well as the organization of esports tournaments. The company was founded in 2006 and its main office is located in the state of California. Besides, Riot Games has offices in more than ten countries in the world, for instance, Australia, Chile, India, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, and others.

Insight into the history of Game Riots

Riot Games was founded by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck in 2006. Their primary goal was the creation of indie games. In 2008, the company announced its first game, League of Legends: Clash of Fates, and one year later introduced it as League of Legends.

In 2008, Riot Games received initial funding of seven million dollars from two venture capital firms FirstMark Capital and Benchmark Capital. Next year, the developer got eight million dollars from Benchmark, FirstMark, as well as Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings. Four years later, according to popular esports news, Tencent Holdings purchased the remaining shares of Riot Games, which was already recognized as one of the best tech companies in the world to work with. 

To reach new heights, the game developing company was clearly divided into departments, each of which deals with its own tasks. Below, you can read more information on this subject.


Its main responsibilities

Board of Directors

Determination of the direction of development of the company and its policy

Technical department

Various company’s products and systems management

Business Development department

Analysis of potential regions for further development and sales channels

Production department

Formation of the company’s work processes and resource planning

Corporate department

Financial analysis and determination of financial policy

Operation department

Management of the day-to-day operations of the company and support of the company's systems

Marketing department

Promotion of the developer's products and analysis of the esports market

UI Development department

Optimization of user interface

Creative department

Development of artistic content for various company’s products

Design department

Design of new content for the company’s projects


Monitoring performance of the equipment and analysis of the quality of the provided services

Public Relations

Publishment of important news and provision of information to fans of esports

Customer Service Department

Technical support and communication with players on various issues

As the company keeps developing, Riot Games wants to hire even more people. For instance, at present, its official site features one hundred and eighty-six job offerings in offices in Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai, Dublin,  Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Sao Paulo. Thus, if you have been interested in careers at Riot Games, this is a great time to take the opportunity.

Riot Games

LoL by Riot Games and other company’s products

It goes without saying that League of Legends is the most successful project of Riot Games. The game was released in 2009 and immediately attracted a large number of players. In 2012, League of Legends became the most played video game in the whole world with 1 billion hours played per month. Besides, the project received many positive reviews from the industry’s experts. Thus, the latter noted that the game has a nice design, good customization, lively graphics, and a great progress reward system.

After the release of League of Legends, the company introduced a number of interesting projects, namely:




  • Mechs vs. Minions (2016) for Tabletop;
  • Teamfight Tactics (2020) for iOS, Android, and PC;
  • League of LMechs vs. Minionsegends: Wild Rift (2020) for Consoles, iOS, and Android;
  • Legends of Runeterra (2020) for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and macOS;
  • Valorant (2020) for TBA.


  • browser games Astro Teemo (2013) and Cho'Gath Eats the World;
  • Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup for iOS and Android (2015);
  • Ziggs Arcade Blast (2017) for Microsoft Windows;
  • Thunderdome (2017) for Microsoft Windows, Consoles, iPad, and iOS;
  • Star Guardian: Insomnia (2018), PROJECT.EXEcute (2018), and Super Zac Ball (2018) for Microsoft Windows.


If you are mainly interested in projects that can be played on mobile devices, look through the list of the best competitive mobile games.

How to acquire Riot Games stock?

At present, a large number of people are interested in acquiring stocks of successful companies, which is, of course, a great source of additional money. This activity is becoming popular as purchasing shares of a company is very easy – you can do it utilizing brokers’ services, online or via a financial planner. And having set an account, you can acquire stocks in a few minutes.

Riot Games is also among those companies whose shares many people around the world want to acquire. For many years, the famous developer has been achieving great results, that’s why people do not think that there are any risks of losing money.

riot games login

However, there is bad news for those who consider acquiring Riot Games shares – the company does not have a public stock. As mentioned earlier, Riot Games was purchased by Tencent Holdings in 2015 and, since then, all decisions concerning the equity of the developer can be made just by the Chinese technology giant. League of Legends, the most famous project of Riots Games, continues to be very popular so it is highly unlikely that representatives of the Tencent company will change their opinions and public stock will be offered.

Riot Games login to tournaments

Riot Games is also involved in the organizations of various tournaments in the field of esports. The first one we would like to mention is the League of Legends World Championship (or simply the Worlds). Every year, the best esports teams representing different continents compete for the title of the champions of the Worlds and an impressive multi-million-dollar prize. The event has managed to gain great popularity and success, as well as become one of the most prestigious and watched tournaments around the world. For instance, the finals of the Worlds 2018 were watched by 96 000 000 people. Besides, this tournament is one of the main reasons why esports became seen as a potential Olympic Games event.

Of course, the League of Legends World Championship is not the only tournament organized by Riot Games. The company also organizes many other events dedicated to its products. For example, among the recent tournaments held by Riot Games in 2020 are the following:

  • LCL Summer 2020 dedicated to LoL (20.06 – 30.08);
  • PCS Summer 2020 dedicated to LoL (20.06 – 30.08);
  • Clan Battle #4 dedicated to Valorant (1.08 – 4.08);
  • European Masters Summer 2020 dedicated to LoL (17.08 – 20.09);
  • TFT Galaxies Championship Grand Finals dedicated to TFT (03.09 – 04.09);
  • TFT Galaxies Championship Fates Showcase dedicated to TFT (5.09);
  • LCK Regional Finals 2020 dedicated to LoL (07.09 – 09.09);
  • The King of Runeterra dedicated to LoR (10.09 – 12.09);
  • LTL 2020 Season dedicated to LoL (28.03 – 16.08).

Moreover, the famous game developing company tries to support various leagues that are organized by third parties in different areas of the world.

Riot Game account for the store

lol riot games

All fans of esports seek to demonstrate their love for their favorite games. And acquiring various games merch, which is often advertised by the most popular and sexiest Twitch streamers, is probably the easiest way to do it.

Thus, on the Riot company official site, you will be able to find the shop with exciting items dedicated to various products developed and published by Riot Games. At present, the collection in the official shop includes the following items:

  • Tellstones: King’s Gambit game;
  • Ryze, Good Staff – XL, Yuumi – Series 3, Spirit Blossom – Riven figures;
  • Spirit Blossom hoodies;
  • Little Legends mugs;
  • Yuumi, Tibbers in Onesies, Sugercone – Furyhorn plushes;
  • Little Legends mousepad;
  • and many other interesting things.

To purchase any item, it is not obligatory to have an account – users can simply utilize the guest option. However, if you already have the Riot Games account, it will also serve as a Riot store account. It should be noted that the company does not accept payments via check, cash, cash on delivery, money order and does not process partial payments. The only acceptable options are Sofort (only for Germany), credit cards, and PayPal. Those who face any problems can submit a question via the Contact Us link available on the site. After, one of the representatives of the customer support service will try to answer the question as soon as possible.

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