Raw iGaming purchases Lady Luck’s Spigo portfolio, continuing buying trend

Part of Spigo’s offering, now heading to Raw, are games such as Yatzy, Backgammon, Solitare, Match 3 and other slot games.

The purchase is intended to allow Raw to expand its offering into more commoditised gaming spaces.

Raw iGaming’s CEO, Tom Wood, commented on the purchase: “This is another step in our company’s evolution to provide premium products to every channel of the gaming industry.

“Just as in the commoditisation of slot games, within the casual games space, we see the same never-ending sea of sameness. Through the RAW team’s innovative game design and unique creativity, we hope to change that just as we are doing in the slots market.

“I look forward to seeing what the amazing Raw team can create and how we can evolve the casual game market together over the coming years.”

Earlier this year, Raw acquired Sapphire Gaming, which it said would help ‘boost’ its production capacity.

Wood commented on the move at the time, saying: “I am so happy and proud to be able to work with one of the smartest, hidden minds in the iGaming industry, Alec Horley, including his brilliant Sapphire team, which will continue their work in our new office based in the UK.”

Raw has made a habit of buying and acquiring this year and also purchased Leander Games in the spring. This move will see Raw differentiating its content, and features to reach Leander’s customer base across Europe and South America.


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