Practical Guide to OMNI CPA: Get Paid for Every Upsell

OMNI CPA is a network focused on the most popular niches – Nutra and white hat e-commerce. With the development of the related markets, the advertising of such products and services began to be in high demand among business owners.

The Nutra niche comprises such verticals as health and beauty. It includes various types of products: skincare, muscle building supplements, and other goods that fall under this category. The e-commerce segment is a huge vertical because it includes a big variety of products. This niche covers everything that can be sold via the Internet.

The services offered by OMNI CPA are oriented towards the above-mentioned markets. It has much to offer its partners, so let’s see the network’s advantages in more detail.

General information about the network

Launched in 2014, OMNI CPA has created more than 40 in-house offers, which meet the needs and requirements of webmasters who want to use their traffic effectively. The affiliate network is a direct advertiser, which allows both sides to benefit even more from this collaboration without losing revenue while working with resellers.

The network provides webmasters with a wide selection of high-quality offers, which will allow them to get high payouts. The offers library is developing constantly, so partners always can find the best options suitable for their traffic type. The collaboration is based on the CPA system. It means that platform owners get paid for every required action made on the website.

OMNI CPA has all the necessary conditions for webmasters to get profit from their traffic sources. Partners receive increased payment for every upsell. The more conversions and upsells you get, the more money you will earn. This dynamic system allows publishers who work in the Nutra niche to increase their revenue.

Moreover, the network’s support team knows how to work with partners in a professional manner. This ensures that webmasters will get rewards for upsells, and their requests for approves won’t be rejected. The call center processes leads 24/7.

 support team

One of the affiliate network’s main advantages is that it is webmaster-oriented and sets a high value on its partners. That is why the OMNI CPA representatives always choose an individual approach, focusing on a partner’s needs and preferences. For example, if website owners have a considerable volume of high-quality and reliable traffic, the network can increase their wages or provide them with access to private offers.

The importance of the affiliate network’s website can’t be underestimated. That is why OMNI CPA has created a user-friendly website where publishers can find the necessary information or menu categories easily. The website’s design allows partners to use its functionality without any effort.

What functionality does a webmaster get?

OMNI CPA has an extensive list of features that will undoubtedly come in handy. The first and one of the most important features is detailed statistics allowing website owners to analyze their performance without any additional trackers, which usually cost much. Other big advantages are the availability of API, ping-back, call tracking, domain parking, and many more.

Webmasters can choose among a wide selection of high-converting landing pages. In addition to this, they get a unique opportunity to test prices and use only those, which are the most successful in terms of conversions.


Overview of payments and geo

You will find the most convenient payment methods to receive money to your account:

  • an account for a sole proprietorship or registered company;
  • WebMoney;
  • bank cards;
  • Capitalist;
  • ZaleyCash;
  • E-Profit.

OMNI CPA offers two types of payouts – fixed and dynamic. Publishers can choose how their payouts will be calculated. There are three models available to them. The first one is a payment for an approved action without upsells. The next one, dynamic, when money is paid out for approved requests, including upsells. Another type is a redeemed payment – payouts for redeemed orders, including upsells. The holding period is five days.

The network covers several regions: Russia, the CIS, and Europe. You will be able to choose among the most attractive offers from a wide range of geos, which will help you to work with top advertisers. To access the Europe geo, you will need to contact the support manager.

How to start working with OMNI CPA?

OMNI CPA allows webmasters to register in the system without any effort and much time spent.

The first step is to visit the OMNI CPA website and click the registration button.

Then you should provide some information and prove your traffic source. A personal manager will be assigned to you.


After signing up, you will be redirected to the home page.

Choose the required category to get an offer.

You can use a special filter to search for a certain offer. Filter offers by theme and geo. After you have selected the necessary variant, it is time to set it.



The next stage is setting a landing page and pre-landing page. 


After this, you will get your link.

OMNI CPA is a reliable affiliate platform with a unique advantage – it is the only network in the Nutra vertical, which pays webmasters for every upsell. It has exclusive in-house products, profitable offers, unique landing pages, high payouts, and all tools to help webmasters benefit from their sites.

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