MiFinity Provides Its Customers with Virtual IBANs

To make payments more private, secure, and faster, MiFinity, a popular payment solution for the iGaming industry, has announced the launch of a virtual IBAN (International Bank Account Number) service. According to the latest financial news, MiFinity customers can request a virtual IBAN absolutely for free, starting right away. 

This opportunity allows the customers to link the obtained IBAN to the primary MiFinity e-wallet and charge their account in a more accessible and faster way. The charged accounts can be used for different purposes, including financial operations with iGaming operators.

The process of linking the obtained virtual IBAN to the MiFinity e-wallet takes a moment and is available for verified users only. It becomes possible to top up the e-wallet directly from bank accounts operating within the area of Great Britain and the European Economic Area. 

Paul Kavanagh, CEO of MiFinity, stated that this new opportunity of the virtual IBANs would make players’ lives more manageable in terms of charging their MiFinity accounts and casino accounts.

Moreover, Kavanagh added that this new service would have an extra layer of privacy to make all the customers’ transactions more secure. And it’s a terrific course to start this new year with such a helpful solution.

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