LATAM iGaming Market in 2023: Making a Profit with Affiliate Marketing

For the past two years, the LATAM region has been a real fad in terms of Betting and Gambling niches. It has truly become a titbit for anyone who wants to earn on iGaming and become filthy rich.

No surprise here — the biggest population of over 670 million combined with a GDP of $5.5 trillion make LATAM an extremely attractive territory for promoting Gambling and Betting activities as the profit is really promising.

To provide you with in-depth knowledge on the topic, we’ve invited a distinguished expert from the RichAds advertising platform, CMO Vasilii Gamov. He will enlighten our readers on the most successful ways of launching iGaming affiliate campaigns, including the exact steps of working with the region, GEOs, sources of traffic, and creative examples.

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5 reasons to promote the iGaming niche in LATAM

Vasili mentioned that there are several main reasons why this region is worth driving iGaming traffic to, those are: 

1. Huge volumes;

It’s not only about a big population, the market is growing by leaps and bounds each year. According to the latest report of Research and Markets, the size of the LATAM Gambling market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4% during 2022-2028.

2. High engagement rate;

There are not just many users that register on online casino and betting websites, they are actually interested in iGaming activities. Uplatform data says that there are more than 2.2 million active bettors in the region. No wonder, as Betting for many different sports has been a tradition in LATAM over the years.

3. Upcoming regulations;

Despite the fact that many countries in the region haven’t yet established fixed regulations on iGaming activity, 2023 is likely to bring Betting law enactment in Brazil, while in Mexico and Colombia, the legal framework is quite solid.

4. Expanding penetration of mobile devices;

Obviously, the more users have mobile Internet, the more profit can be taken from the region. In this case, LATAM also shows no signs of slowing down. Statista proves that in 2023 the percentage of mobile internet users will be 79%, and it will grow by 86% in 2028.

5. Profitability of the market;

It’s great when the volumes are terrific, but the profit is the main thing that matters when it comes to any niche. According to VIXIO GamblingCompliance projection, the revenue of the online Gambling market in the region will grow by $2.6 billion in 2025. 

LATAM iGaming Market in 2023: Making a Profit with Affiliate Marketing

iGaming in LATAM: step-by-step affiliate strategy

Now that you realize that LATAM is a land of opportunities in many aspects, it’s high time to learn more about its promotion. 

Vasili provided us with a complete guide that will serve both beginners and experienced marketers in earning on the bundles.

Step#1: Research trends

This is the first thing that any affiliate shall do when working with a new market. When it comes to LATAM, we’d recommend researching top brands and sports for promotion and target audience.

Top iGaming brands in LATAM

  1. Bet365;
  2. 888 Casino;
  3. Betway Casino;
  4. Spin Palace Casino;
  5. Royal Vegas Casino;
  6. Ruby Fortune Casino;
  7. Bodog Casino.

Best sports to promote in the region

  • Football;
  • Basketball;
  • Esports;
  • Baseball;
  • Tennis;
  • Golf;
  • Boxing;
  • Volleyball.

LATAM target audience characteristics

Age: from 25 to 40

Gender: mostly male, but there are platforms where women are prevalent. For instance, in Brazil, women comprise 63% of gamblers on certain casino websites, so it’s crucial to consult a manager in advance.

Social status: middle class, with an average monthly income of around $1,000. There is also a significant number of low-income gamblers who are attracted to the possibility of winning big and improving their financial situation.

Interests: sports betting, football in particular, casino, and lotteries.

Step#2: Select a source of traffic

When selecting a traffic source, you need to define which approach you’d like to use — sticking to the most popular or easy-to-apply sources. 

Influence and social traffic such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are certainly the most well-known sources when it comes to iGaming promotion, together with SEO and ASO traffic plus Google Ads. However, when it comes to LATAM and other regions, it’s not hard to get banned when using them as some regions haven’t defined their laws yet, and marketers face many restrictions working with the formats.

Another approach is to implement easy-to-use sources — push, direct click, and pop ads. If you want something simple and not burdened with limitations, those ad types are certainly your first choice.

  • Push notifications don’t require any experience to start with, creatives and settings are dead easy to set up, a financial contribution is insignificant, and users are quite engaged as they subscribe to the ads;
  • Pop ads are also simple, you just need a link, and that’s it. Users will be redirected to your site automatically, so the visibility is 100%. They may be a bit aggressive, but that’s perfect for the impulsive nature of gamblers;
  • Direct click format stands out in a crowd of others due to the engagement rate — users are already interested in similar products. They search for something similar, like a casino website, make a spelling mistake, and get redirected to your offer page. 

All three aforementioned sources are provided by the RichAds advertising platform, it has also been awarded as the best iGaming traffic source of the year in 2022, according to SiGMA Summit. 

Step#3: Choose GEO

You’ve decided to start promoting an iGaming brand in LATAM, but you can’t concentrate on all the regions simultaneously. 

According to RichAds stats, the countries that show the best results in the niche are:

  • Brazil — 43 million impressions daily,
  • Mexico — 11 million impressions daily,
  • Argentina — 1.8 million impressions daily,
  • Chile — 2.7 million impressions daily.

Important note: make sure you check that your casino brand offers the most popular payment methods for the region and study the target audience in advance. For instance, female players prevail in Brazil, which is crucial to identify creatives.

Step#4: Implement the best approach to creatives

The amount of approaches for iGaming creatives is endless, there are just a couple of them that work best for the LATAM region. 

Vasili shared with us eternal ideas that convert, best of all, to push ads. This is the easiest format to launch iGaming that requires creatives, while pop and direct-click ads only need a link. 

  • Use loud names or events;
    They may be region-related or just well-known all over the world. The thing is that when a sports fan notices the name of his favorite team, the temptation to click is unbearable, so this hint shows the highest CTRs ever.
  • Bonuses and discounts;
    Everybody knows that freebies attract a wide audience, but the main thing here is to use real plausible bonuses from the website and do not give empty promises. Big money can actually attract a lot of LATAM players as many low-income users in the region rely on Gambling as a major way to improve their life.
  • Hint that a user is bet-savvy;

We all love being the best and the smartest. Use this possibility! Hint that your potential client knows better than anyone who will win in this or that match, or he’s the one to choose the most successful player. Empower him via creatives!

  • Apply storytelling;
    This is a great way to attract the LATAM audience, as the amount of middle-class players is huge, and they are easy to lure with the success stories of ordinary people. This approach can be used in the sales funnel, first, start with creatives, then write an article in the pre-landing and finalize it with a landing page containing a registration form.

LATAM iGaming Market in 2023: Making a Profit with Affiliate Marketing

Step#5: Define an optimization strategy

Now that you know all about starting the campaign, you need to realize how to make it even more profitable. 

Cut the expenses and increase the income by optimizing the campaign! It can be done both manually and automatically, we’ll have a closer look at the AI optimizing features provided by RichAds to simplify this for you.

1. Automated Rules;

Basically, this is a feature that adds the worst converting or expensive sources to the blacklist without any actions from your side, it just renews this list automatically. This way, you can cut the expenses easily and boost the CR. 

Due to the function, it’s possible to reach 116% ROI in Brazil. Check here.

2. Performance Mode;

Another way to do nothing and get profit is to optimize campaigns via Performance Mode. As simple as that — create an ordinary iGaming campaign, and the algorithm just makes the best list of sources for you and updates it every day, with no effort needed. Moreover, no tracker is needed as well! 

The algorithm has also proven its efficiency — it allows to boost CR by 253% and reduce CPA by 79%.

3. Target CPA;

Last but not least goes the function that will assist you in getting at the desired cost per conversion. You need to set up a tracker and a usual campaign, the algorithm will adjust to your goals and do all the optimization work — make black/white lists and even adjust bids for specific sources. Again, zero work from you!

This is another feature that can increase ROI up to 102% for Gambling offers in particular.


Promoting iGaming in LATAM may seem tough unless you know what you’re doing. On realizing the most important steps, an affiliate can actually make a fortune on this bundle. Due to the article, you can call yourself an expert that knows all the peculiarities. The only task you have now is finding a nice offer.

No time for waiting – conquer the LATAM market with the help of the RichAds platform! 

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