kwiff partners with Xtremepush

kwiff has partnered with Xtremepush.

This agreement allows kwiff to add even more momentum to its progressive player outreach strategy which forms an integral role in the company’s growth. kwiff’s engagement and retention strategy is executed through communicating with players in a highly personalised and timely manner.

Working with Xtremepush has shaped kwiff’s strategy by utilising personalised notifications for games or events that are relevant to them based on their player profiles. Additional benefits provided by Xtremepush mean that kwiff has leveraged the engagement technologies built into their customer data platform to send web push notifications and web inbox messages.

Underpinned by Xtremepush’s customer data platform with its advanced data ingestion and player segmentation functionality, kwiff has experienced a 32.5% click through rate for web push and a 26.72% click rate for inbox notifications.

kwiff’s CEO, Charles Lee, said: “kwiff delivers a revolutionary sports betting and casino product which is built on personalised supercharged gaming experiences. Working with Xtremepush allows us to communicate our unique offering with clarity and engage with our audience on a deeper level.”

Ross O’Connor, director of account management, added: “It’s been great working with the guys at kwiff. We’ve been able to get the platform stood up and working well for them and the results have been well above the industry benchmark. Our support team did us proud in the early stages, making their technical expertise available to the team at kwiff so they could resolve any issues.”

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