Kindred hosts first local version of Sustainable Gambling Conference

Kindred has been hosting the SGC for seven consecutive years, aiming to propel a more sustainable industry by taking a holistic approach. This year’s SCG was held in Amsterdam and revolved around the theme “An honest conversation.”

However, the local conference was the first of its kind and its mission was to build on the concept of broad collaboration, by bringing together influential local voices within the gambling industry, politics, media and academia.

The local version of the conference included a presentation of a study on the gambling habits of elite football players and the launch of a joint initiative to reduce harmful gambling.

Jonas Daag, General Manager Sweden, Kindred Group, commented: “Hosting the first local version of the Sustainable Gambling Conference here in Stockholm is something I am very proud of.

“Local collaboration, not just within the industry, but also with other stakeholders such as media and sports sector representatives, authorities, and treatment centres, is crucial for the development of a sustainable gambling market.”

Pär Nygårds, Head of Corporate Affairs Sweden, Kindred, added: “We as an individual operator of course have a big responsibility to provide a safe and reliable environment for our customers.

“But through increased stakeholder collaboration, we will be able to go even further in our ambition to ensure a safe and sustainable Swedish gambling market. Taking a local perspective is important in this regard, as we come closer to each market’s specific conditions.”

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