How To Develop Esports: Experts’ Opinion

The SBC Barcelona started on September 21, and the experts from all over the world went to the discussing the most important gambling industry issues. At the “Why 2022 is the year of esports betting” conference speakers talked about the latest esports news and whether 2022 will be the most successful year for esports betting.

According to the European esports media, the cybersport market has been developing for the last few years. And now experts believe in the successful future for this industry in 2022. The esports’ membership among Olympics sports proves that the world has started to take this industry seriously. However, the moderator of this conference Ivan Kurochkin has reminded the public that there’re still lots of countries, where esports is not able to develop because it’s not rated as a kind of sport, but as entertainment.

The first step to making the industry successful in the future is to provide the idea that cybersport is one of the most played sports in the world.

All the speakers are also confident in the bright future of the esports market on condition of the full regulation. Mikael Westerling, a VP of Business Development at GRID esports, has noted that the regulation is definitely good for this space.

It was also mentioned the importance of the high quality of the products. If the industry is going to develop and achieve goals in the future 2022, it’s obligating to guarantee a high-quality level of services.

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