How Might 6G Impact Canadian Mobile Gaming?

Canada has recently signed an agreement along with Australia and the U.S., backing the UK in their strategy for the development of Open RAN. This will allow telecom companies to provide more open and secure 5G networks and providers will be able to combine existing solutions from multiple companies, creating a range of new possibilities in how, when, and where we connect to the Internet.

Next steps

The four countries have developed a joint statement to show telecom providers the benefits of Open RAN. This follows from the UK's Diversification Strategy, which has already seen the development of initiatives like the SmartRAN Open Network Interoperability Centre (SONIC), which opened in June 2021. It would make the industry less reliant on only a small selection of providers and instead open up possibilities to build more 5G and upcoming 6G networks. This would mean an even faster Internet, as well as an increase in the capabilities of AI, self-driving cars, and even healthcare. Canada has been described as “leading the way” in 6G, as Huawei has been researching 6G at their center in Canada since 2019, though it is unlikely that 6G networks will be fully realized until 2030.

How Might 6G Impact Canadian Mobile Gaming?

The revolution continues

Since its widescale release in 2019, 5G has already revolutionized the way we interact with technology and our online/offline world. 5G Networks enable us to connect devices, machines, and even appliances in ways unthought of with earlier generations. From smart home technology to healthcare, 5G has revolutionized the way we do things. Perhaps the most widespread and accessible form of 5G technology can be found in our pockets. 5G has upgraded the connectivity and capabilities of smartphones, with better Bluetooth, lighting fast Wi-Fi, AI assistants, and even the most cutting-edge mobile games. Internet connection is much more dependable outside of your home than in the past, meaning that naturally more people than ever are regularly gaming on their phones. It is clear that 5G has had a huge positive impact on the mobile gaming market.

How Might 6G Impact Canadian Mobile Gaming?

The iGaming industry, in particular, has responded to this increase in demand by optimizing its games. The quality of the games not only mimics what you would expect from similar PC games but, perhaps, most importantly for mobile slot players, 5G has brought increased security. This means that users' data and personal information are more secure when using your provider's data signal. As well as this, many games offer the option to sign up using an e-wallet like PayPal or Interac, ensuring your bank details are kept private. 5G networks make it easy to access and top up your gaming accounts (and anything else!) from almost anywhere. The current developments in 6G, especially in Canada, look set to take these elements even further.

Mobile games have come a long way since the invention of Snake, widely considered the first phone game. With 6G on the horizon, mobile gaming is set to see incredible developments, not only in visuals and functionality but even in areas such as storytelling and user interaction. With constant improvements in technology and the way we interact with it, it is truly an exciting time for mobile gamers.

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