First Blockchain Smartphone Will Appear on Bangladeshi Market

On September 9th Telecommunication Regulatory Committee of Bangladesh allowed to import the first-ever blockchain smartphone. Thus, Finney (as it is called) will be sold on the market in Bangladesh in October.

Finney’s release in Bangladesh follows a trend of increasing the number of people who own a smartphone in this country. According to the global research firm GSMA Intelligence, Bengalis are buying more and more smartphones because less expensive devices are released on the market. In this respect, Finney is cheaper than premium phones in Bangladesh. Last year it cost $999.

Features of Finney

The smartphone was a product of Sirin Labs. It has such features as a built-in wallet for storage, safe communications and a decentralized application ecosystem. According to co-founder and co-CEO of Sirin Labs' Moshe Hogeg, Finney combines different aspects of blockchain technology and crypto.

Blockchain technology in Bangladesh

A month ago, the Bangladeshi government agreed to spend some amount of money from its fund for IT projects to send former students for training in blockchain technology in India and Japan. 100 new IT graduates will improve their skills in such fields as shared ledger, machine intelligence, artificial intelligence, information technology security and machine learning.

As mentioned earlier, the energy sector of the United States is planning to start using blockchain technology.

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