ESIC Finished Investigation and Published a List of Violations Variants

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has stated the end of the “Spectator Bug” investigation. Additionally to the investigation end, the authority has published the list of sanctioned people for using it for unfair advantages. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

The story started in 2020 when the ESIC establishment started an investigation of coaches and players for using the spectator mode bug in CS:GO. According to the offenders, the main reason for it was to gain advantages and take over their competitors.

The ESIC has sanctioned three popular international coaches. Moreover, there have been caught 34 coaches more, who used the same bug. Therefore, the sanction list was expanded.

As the result of the investigation, there is not just a sanction list. The authority has found out other details of the Spectator Bug including three different types of bugs. The ESIC has also published a detailed guide to all of these types so people who got affected by this, could learn the information.

Considering the sanction form, the ESIC bans the players and coaches for 30 days from the matches. And each of the violations carries additional 30 days.

Static Spectator Bug Variant

The essence of this violation was the ability to look at positions from anywhere on the map. According to the ESIC, the general number of touched participants is 84. 37 of them were sanctioned in 2020, and 47 more are left.

Free Roam Spectator Bug Variant

This option allows participants to fly all over the map and control it. The ESIC sanctioned 3 players who used this variant.

Third-Person Spectator Bug Variant

This type is different from the two previous ones. It allowed participants to watch the game from the blocked side of the third person. The players used that for watching their team members.

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