Demand for Gaming Items Spiked in 2020

The GAME association of the German gaming market announced yesterday for cybersports news that the demand for gaming hardware increased by 26 percent. This information has been obtained through GfK, which has been in charge of obtaining all the data of the video game market in this country. This survey has been carried out with 25 000 users.

The demand for gaming hardware increased last year in Germany. During 2019, the sale of game consoles, video games, and accessories generated 2.5 million euros in comparison to 2020’s 3.2 million euros.

Restrictions in Germany increase sales of consoles

At the moment, the gaming market for PC and consoles is a rare scenario in which many people are buying or updating their personal computers to discover the world of video games. It is worth noting the high demand for peripherals for gaming computers, such as mice and special keyboards, graphic cards, and virtual reality helmets that have generated 1.2 million euros, more than 46% than in 2019. The sale of game consoles generated 650 million euros, 25%. The demand for gaming computers increased by 1.1 million euros more than in 2019.

It seems that all this demand for gaming items is the result of the lockdowns last year when German citizens spent time updating PC games. The appearance of PlayStation 5 in the market and the new next-generation graphics cards generated high sales.

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