Brand Streamers Takes ThePOGG up for Sale Targeting Streaming Growth

Only a few months after Brand Streamers acquired ThePOGG, a leading dispute mediation site and iGaming affiliate, the website now goes up for sale. On Wednesday, Brand Streamers’ CEO, Clas Dahlen, revealed that the company is open to conversation with parties interested in acquiring ThePOGG.

Brand Streamers Unveils Plans to Sell ThePOGG

The CEO pointed out that a main priority for the Group remains further growth in the regulated US gambling markets. Dahlen said that currently Brand Streamers has secured licenses to more than 20 US states. However, in order to continue its growth and focus on achieving this strategic objective, he explained that the Group’s Board of Directors agreed to sell ThePOGG.

Dahlen said that the company will remain focused on its streaming goals and restructure the business to ensure further growth. According to the CEO, Brand Streamers is now open for discussion with companies interested in acquiring ThePOGG. He pointed out that the Group will be seeking to “fully explore all options before any decision is made.”

To most effectively achieve this objective the Board of Directors has agreed that it would be advantageous to more tightly focus on our streaming objectives and restructure the business away from other areas.

ThePOGG Offers a Leading Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

The latest announcement comes at a time when Catena Media is reportedly planning to sell AskGamblers, a business that uses a similar model to ThePOGG. Back in 2015, the company acquired AskGamblers in a deal for €15 million. Reportedly, Catena is currently in talks about selling the flagship service but details regarding the deal itself are yet to be officially confirmed.

The likely acquisition of AskGamblers creates an opportunity for ThePOGG as well. The company that agrees with Brand Streamers to acquire ThePOGG will tap into an already established business model that offers complaint management service. It is likely that such a deal may come at “a fraction of the astronomical sums being considered for AskGamblers,” Dahlen reveals.

Duncan Garvie founded ThePOGG back in 2011. The website grew rapidly and solidified its position as a leading information source for the gambling industry. At the same time, it offered invaluable advice and information for the industry. Back in 2012, ThePOGG introduced its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service. To date, this service has helped more than 6.5k players resolve complaints against gambling operators returning $7.5 million in the hands of the players.

The website’s ADR service is recognized by regulatory agencies, and it is the only affiliate-based complaint management service that is currently approved to provide legally binding rulings. Those rulings apply to more than 100 MGA-licensed operators offering gambling services.

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