ATG, Svenska Spel and Kindred Group publish harmful gambling data

Swedish operators ATG, Svenska Spel and Kindred Group have partnered to publish data linked to customers who display signs of problem gambling.  

The partnership aims to raise public awareness and contribute to a fact-based dialogue about the measures taken to reduce gambling harm.  

Per the agreement, four data points will be published bi-annually. These data points are:  

  • The percentage of customers who are contacted as a result of problematic gambling (of the total number of active customers). 
  • The effect of proactive contacts (share of customers who reduce their gambling). 
  • How much these individuals have reduced their gambling activity on average. 
  • The share of contacted customers who choose to self-exclude themselves from gambling with operators. 

The union of operators says this data is vital, given that 56% of the Swedish population said they gambled for money in the past year, according to a Swedish Public Health Agency survey.  

The same survey also revealed that public trust in the gambling industry is low, despite the industry being a widespread source of entertainment in the country.  

Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström said: “These key metrics, which we will report every six months, will make it easier for our stakeholders to follow and understand how we, with the help of regulations, technology, research and human contact, work to counteract harmful gambling.  

“We believe that a more fact-based and open dialogue contributes to increased trust in our industry and will make other operators more inclined to follow suit.

“While we remain firmly committed to our ambition of zero revenue from harmful gambling, this recent initiative between ATG, Svenska Spel and us creates further transparency in the Swedish market.”

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