Another Gaming Console for Esport Market, by Huawei?

The growing Chinese tech giant looks for opportunities to enter the esports market by presenting gaming devices. The offer will include PCs and gaming laptops, and the firm is going to develop even the competitor for the console sector. Login Casino follows the most interesting esports news, now explaining plans of Huawei concerning the cybersports market's joining.

Huawei, which is a multidirectional technical manufacturer, comes closer to the cybersports market. Even though the company hasn't brought gaming laptops to the market in 2020 despite the announcements, early 2021 becomes more optimistic. The Chinese brand presented the laptops that are comparable with the best gaming rigs. Thus, Matebook X Pro (both 13 & 14) are built around Intel's newest 11th generation Core-i processors.

Along with the intention to bring devices built on the modern AMD cores, Huawei presented its own play market called AppGallery with the functionality similar to Google Play Store. However, those steps are far from being the final ones as the insiders inform about Huawei's plans to enter the console market battle. Even though there are no assumptions concerning the device's price and productiveness, there is no doubt that it will be a competitive offer.

How may it influence the esports industry?

In order to attract more gaming attention to the brand, Huawei will definitely make active marketing campaigns and organize cybersport competitions with solid prices. It may also take a secondary role and become one of the sponsors for huger events. In simple words, the appearance of another world-known brand on the market will contribute to the growth of the whole sector.

If to focus on the consoles and their role in the esports industry, here Huawei will face a tough situation. Thus, it won't be easy to compete against PlayStation and Xbox consoles on the global scene, but the company may choose Nintendo's way and focus on the already huge internal market. In this case, developing games for a particular market will be cheaper and more effective while might create better preconditions for global expansion.

One has not to exclude the focus on the mobile gaming market, which is also growing. Here Huawei can be even more successful as the firm has a solid mobile products client base, which is easier to reach.

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